"During our start-up, Lance International worked with us to ensure that the cables and harnesses in our new product line would be easy to manufacture, of high quality and economical."
A start-up medical electronics company.
"Lance International has worked side by side with us during 15 years of sustained growth. During this period, they have manufactured hundreds of different cables and harnesses for us. When we turned to Lance to build several major sub-systems in our current product line, the outsourcing effort was a complete success."
An international manufacturer of computerized sign-lettering machines

"As part of a rapidly evolving high-tech, high-growth industry, we are faced with unique supply chain requirements. Lance has consistently met these needs through their innovative, customized logistics programs."
A world-class, market-leading computer systems company.
"Thanks to Lance's commitment to our unique installation requirements, they are able to give us two-day turnaround on our site-specific cables."
A worldwide supplier of printing press accessories.
"When we needed the rapid production of 7,000 units, Lance got the job done. First product was hand-delivered in only two weeks. This and many other examples of outstanding customer service earned Lance our coveted Supplier of the Year Award."
An industry leader in automotive testing.
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