Lance International serves our customers from two comparably equipped manufacturing facilities – our headquarters location in North Haven, Connecticut and our second plant in Windsor, Vermont – as well as from our off-shore manufacturing affiliates in Mexico and China.

The dual U.S. facilities put Lance International within an efficient working distance of all its customers. They also allow us to balance peak load demand with continuous production capability.

The two locations allow Lance International to control more than 600 jobs at any given time.

Lance International continuously seeks to reduce labor content and improve quality by searching out the automation opportunities in every customer’s manufacturing processes. This approach also contributes to competitive pricing.

Each plant is equipped with precision manufacturing and testing equipment by Tyco, Cirrus, Schleuniger and other industry leaders, Lance offers a full line of manufacturing capabilities and features on-line automated assembly testing.
Headquarters Vermont
370 State Street 1255 U.S. Route 5 North
North Haven, Connecticut 06473 Windsor, Vermont 05089
203-281-6365 (P)  
203-248-0256 (F)  
370 State Street
North Haven, Connecticut 06473
(203) 281-6365
(203) 248-0256
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