Because raw materials account for a significant portion of a product's cost, Lance International places great emphasis on acquiring the right material, at the right time, at the right price. Our size allows us to leverage our purchasing power with key distributors, fabricators and world-class component manufacturers.

Lance has established many of the same supply-chain programs with its suppliers that it provides to its customers.

The company is on-line with many of its key suppliers, which allows for:
  • Rapid ordering to speed production
  • Fast identification and location of alternative parts
  • Just-In-Time delivery to control inventories and costs
Customers also benefit from the volume purchase agreements Lance International has negotiated with its major suppliers.

Lance International has been recognized by Tyco, a leading manufacturer of interconnect devices as one of its "ACES Participants," a uniquely qualified group capable of solving virtually any electronic, packaging or cable assembly need.
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